About us
Glowberry Creative Production. We create fun, exciting content for kids and families worldwide.
Our company was originally established in 2009, in Ukraine, as a niche publishing house, focusing on discovering new talent in kids' literature and illustration. Today Glowberry is a dynamic creative and production company with a large, international team creating children’s animated content and brands that we distribute and license all around the world. Our creative team specializes in high-quality children’s content for global audiences, while the distribution and licensing teams work with exceptional partners to promote our content all over the world. Our partners are world leaders in animation, broadcasting, film production and licensing. We believe that creativity, openness to diversity in the world and the ability to celebrate those things and bring positivity and joy makes children’s lives exciting and we are guided by these ideas in our work. We are extremely proud of the entire and growing team of excellent artists and professionals from multiple fields across the world who are now engaged to work on Glowberry products.

Our flagship project is BRAVE BUNNIES – this is a global brand based on our animated series which is gaining recognition, success, and popularity worldwide.
Currently BRAVE BUNNIES is also evolving in categories such as original digital content and a line of quality licensed products for children including toys, book series and consumer goods.

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